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    Brief CV:

    Benito Aláez Corral is Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Oviedo. He holds a PhD in Law from the University of Oviedo and a Master in German Law from the University of Bochum (LLM). He has combined since 1991 his dedication to teaching and research with the practice of law as Substitute Justice of the High Court and the Provincial Court of Asturias, and as Member of the Executive Board of the Public Broadcasting Service of the Principality of Asturias. In addition to having taught courses and lectures on his field in various academic and professional, national and international, forums (Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA) it has developed several research stages in Spanish and foreign universities, including Rome , Coimbra, Freiburg, where he has been sponsored by the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, or Georgetown. His publications, covering books and articles in Spanish, German and English speaking journals, have dealt with major problems of constitutional law, as the theory of the constitution and the limits to its amendment, the relationship between the sovereignty of the Spanish Constitution and the European Union, freedom of expression, religious freedom, fundamental rights of children, with special reference to the right to education and the constitutionality of a civic and democratic education, the relationship between nationality, citizenship and democracy -book for which he won the national prize Francisco Tomas y Valiente in 2005, the relationship between citizenship and multiculturalism, and more recently constitutional reform and territorial secession.

    Areas of Interest:

    • Líneas de investigación:

      • Teoría de la Constitución y reforma constitucional
      • Soberanía constitucional y Unión Europea
      • Teoría general de los derechos fundamentales
      • Minoría de edad y derechos fundamentales
      • Libertad religiosa y aconfesionalidad del Estado
      • Derecho a la educación y educación cívico-democrática
      • Nacionalidad, ciudadanía y democracia
      • Ciudadanía y multiculturalismo
      • Espacios públicos y derechos fundamentales
      • Secesión y reforma constitucional