The main research axis of the DERECONS group refers to fundamental rights. Nonetheless the scope of research is open to collateral research fields, such as the constitutional history, the sources of law or the judicial review, which overlap and anrich the anailsys of fundamental rights.

Regarding the internakl organization, DERECONS group consist of three stable resesearch sub-groups:

  1. Group on free public opinion, lead by Ignacio Villaverde Menéndez and where also work Francisco J. Bastida, Benito Aláez Corral y Miguel Presno Linera, giving continuity to the freedom of speech and freedom of information activities developed by the former Foundation on free public opinion.

  2. Group Constitutional History, lead by Joaquín Varela and where also work Ignacio Fernández Sarasola, Miguel Presno Linera y Antonio F. Franco Pérez, implementing research on the historical side of fundamental rioghts protection.

  3. Group on the right to education, lead by Benito Aláez Corral and where also work Leonardo Álvarez Álvarez y María Valvidares Suárez

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